Nov 13, 2008

Movin movin movin, rawhide!

(Oh my god, seeing this template takes me back to the past!)

I have switched blogs again. You can now find me here and here. Thanks!


Dec 16, 2004

Movin' on u-uup! To the east side!

Hey y'all, come and see my deeeluxe apartment in the sky. Blogger has been lovely, but I think I'm ready for the wide world of WordPress. And my new site is superfine, for real. Super. Fine.

Go on then, get your pretty little selves over there. White baseball caps are not allowed, so dress chic, por favor. Kiss kiss.


Dec 15, 2004

Oh Eva, thank fucking god

My friend Julie called me during the fianale for America's Next Top Model tonight, and together we were SCREAMING and SQUEEING with relief that Eva beat our Fucking Yaya. Yaya! Go back to Brown. Oh Eva, I adore you. So spunky and open. And such gorgeous skin. Oh, to be Eva tonight (or six months ago, or whenever the actual finale of this show took place).

Tonight I had an xmas party for work. We had a "Moroccan Tent" reserved at Mie N Yu in Georgetown. There was free wine, and it was red. Coincidentally, I drink red! Oh ho ho, you don't say, my good man.

Also there were snacks. There were dumplings and coconut shrimp and stinky cheese and meats on a stick. Also little banana custards in teeny frosting cups. Also, you know, free red wine. Open bar! Moroccan tent! Unisex bathrooms!

Also a very drunk General Manager who camped out at the table where my girl friends and I sat and TALKED TALK TALKED for eons about what good work we were doing, there "in the trenches" with the clients, working the long hours, etc etc etc. And, oh yes, what were our names again?

Check please.

I called my dad in the cab on the way home, to say hi. I was all, "Hi Dad! I'm in a cab! A cab that will be expensed! Because I am drunk on the company dime!" He is so proud of all that money he spent on my schooling, for real, you guys. How could he not be? I am fantastic.

I am drunk! Drink drank drunk. And wow, this more than I write some days when I am SOBER. Tomorrow there is another work party too, so I am going to have some water and go to bed. Good night, good night, adios.


Dec 13, 2004

A new entry

I am still alive, just lazy.

So I am alone in the office right now as my boss is in Chicago and my coworker is shopping in Georgetown. Yes, seriously. She was all, "I'll be back in a while! Byeeeee!" Oh, to have power at work. What I wouldn't give.

I had a really fun weekend. Friday a friend from high school came over for dinner and a movie. I think when I invited him over for dinner he was expecting me to, like, cook or something. Whatever! I ordered Chinese. I will be such a good wife someday, seriously. We were in the mood for scary movies so I had Session 9, which I don't remember ever coming out in the theatres but a friend told me it was very creepy, and yes, it was.

It was set in an enormous mental institution that had been built in the 1800s and then shut down in the 80s. This team of asbestos removers came to work on it and over the course of a week they start discovering weird things, seeing movements, disappearing, going crazy, etc. Oh holy god, there was one scene where a guy was alone in some dark basement corridor, and at the end of the hall there is a light, and he suddenly sees the shadow of a man step into the hall and start moving towards him. Both the guy in the movie and I screamed simultaneously. The friend I was watching with was unaffected, because he has a heart of tin, or something.

Also, a funny thing happened. Earlier on Friday, my friend Azalea forwarded me an article which said that the old convention center near my apartment was being detonated Saturday the 18th at 7:30 in the morning, and did I want to go see it? Well, that's early, but it sounded cool and it's not something you see every day. We arranged to meet at 7 in the morning the next day. Which was Saturday the 11th. Which I learned at 5-something the next morning, when Azalea, just home from her job checking coats at some club, calls and says: "Dude. We are morons. I just realized it is next Saturday, not tomorrow."

Oh my god, we ARE morons. Morons who cannot read a newspaper or check a calendar.

Saturday afternoon I went to painting class and then at night to a house party with a bunch of friends from high school and from a gallery where I used to work. It was pretty good. We mingled a lot. A lot of the people there were "hipsters." I got caught talking to this one guy who told me about a puppet show he was putting on in his living room the next day, and did I want to come? The best part was when he first mentioned it and he asked me if I had heard of it yet. I'm sorry, it's a puppet show. In your living room. I guess I had missed that news bulletin.

Sunday I met up with my mom and we got facials together, which we do once a season to keep things working correctly. It was lovely and relaxing and splendiferous. We also bought some presents. I also bought some shoes, because I am weak to the power of the DSW and its siren song.

Then we made latkes and soup with my stepfather, and lit the menorah and did presents and all that jazz. I had gotten them gift cards to their favorite stores and they gave me money to put towards school, and also I think my mom bought me some stuff off my Amazon list because she said to keep an eye out for a package soon. Nice! Family bonding, spirit of the season, giving / receiving, tra la la, etc.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend too. Back to the grind.