Aug 16, 2004

The 100 Things About Me

1] I was born in south Georgia.
2] I had a strong Southern accent.
3] At age seven, my family moved to Maryland.
4] My accent was not popular.
5] I ditched it real quick.

6]I got glasses at age nine,
7] And contacts at age thirteen.
8] The bad eyes come from my dad, because
9] My mom has perfect eyesight.

10] In high school I became a vegetarian for about three years.
11] Now I eat everything.
12] Seriously, everything.

13] I write with my right hand, but
14] I am better with my left hand at dribbling a basketball
15] And talking on the phone.
16] Also I can use either hand to put on makeup.

17] When I'm in shape, I'm good at softball
18] And tennis
19] And running.

20] At age 7 I won a city-wide contest of who could color in a picture of a teddy bear, surrounded by bubbles, the nicest.
21] Then at age 13 I won a contest sponsored by a local bank, for who could draw the best Thanksgiving turkey.
22] I won a $50 savings bond.
23] I have no idea where that savings bond is now.

24] My parents are divorced, and both have remarried.

25] I hate having my photo taken, because
26] I'm very unphotogenic.
27] And also vain.

28] My grandma is from Germany, and
29] My mom is also fluent in German.
30] So when I was little they could talk about me without even leaving the room.

31] I have zero tattoos.
32] But I have five piercings in my ears, and one in my belly button.

33] For years when I was little, my career goal was to be a famous jockey.

34] I have never broken a bone (knock on wood!).

35] I have had a lifelong fascination with London.
36] When I was little, I was obsessed with Bedknobs and Broomsticks and National Velvet.
37] Now I have lived in England twice, for a combined year and a half.
38] It's still my favorite place ever.
39] I once fell off the open platform on the back of a double-decker bus (the lower level).
40] The bus actually stopped to see if I was okay.
41] I was okay.
42] But too embarassed to get back on the bus.

43] At age 20 I took a bus around Europe for 3 weeks
44] With only two sets of clothes.
45] Including the one I was wearing.
46] In Budapest I had a whirlwind affair with the Croatian guy who worked at the hostel.

47] I love most ethnic foods.
48] Especially Indian, sushi, Ethipian, and Thai.
49] But the only food I really could not live without is cereal.

50] I'm not on Friendster.
51] I refuse.

52] I love answering machines, but hate voicemail.

53] I couldn't walk in high heels if my life depended on it.

54] I love doing laundry and washing dishes, but hate vacuuming and scrubbing.

55] I hate leather jackets.
56] But leather shoes are nice.

57] The furthest east I've ever been is Budapest, Hungary.
58] And the furthest west is Salt Lake City, Utah.

59] The first foreign country I ever went to was Canada, when I was visiting relatives in Detroit.
60] I was 19, so it was also the first time I had a drink in a restaurant.
61] We tried to go to a strip club, but it was right before Christmas and they were all shut.
62] I did get to go to a strip club for a friend's 21st birthday.
63] My favorite stripper was the cop who hung upside-down off a pole by his thighs.

64] I've never seen a celebrity in person.

65] I've never been naked in public.
66] But I did streak around my empty dorm once, sophomore year, when I was the RA and I knew nobody else had moved in yet.

67] I've never thrown up from drinking.

68] My favorite movie is Wonder Boys,
69] And yet I completely abhor Michael Douglas otherwise.
70] Seriously. I, like, despise him.

71] I don't tan; I burn.

72] My favorite TV shows are Law and Order, Cheers, and The Golden Girls.
73] Blanche was my favorite Golden Girl.

74] I'm a dog person.
75] My favorite dog ever was that of a childhood friend.
76] She was named Bourtay, after Genghis Khan's wife(!). Seriously!
77] Totally adorable dog. Black Lab/Chow mix.

78] I was very animal-crazy as a child.
79] I once went fishing in a local stream, caught a small trout, and brought it home to keep in an aquarium.
80] Damn thing lived for two years.

81] I'm very succeptible to both poison ivy and mosquito bites.
82] But I almost never catch colds or become ill or nausious.

83] The features I get complimented on the most are my eyelashes,
84] And my small feet.

85] I get angry very easily, and then cool off quickly.
86] Like for instance, I get sidewalk rage at stupid and/or crazy people when I walk.
87] And also at bad or selfish drivers who don't watch out for pedestrians.

88] I love non-flashy, economical cars, like Hondas.
89] My first car was an '85 Accord.
90] It had 160-something-thousand miles when I got it.
91] I haven't owned a car in three years now.

92] I also love wine.
93] But I only drink red wine if I am home alone, because it makes my teeth all stainy.
94] And like I said, I am vain.

95] I know how to develop film and photos.

96] I can't curl my tongue,
97] Or whistle very well.

98] I have a scar over the veins in my wrist, from a fence-climbing accident when I was 13.
99] Very traumatic.
100] Cool-looking scar, though.

Aaaaand...I'm spent!