Dec 6, 2004

What I have been doing

Saturday night kicked Friday's ass around the BLOCK, people. I went to this 80s night at a bar and had an awesome (see? 80s) time. First off, the first hour was open bar, so we got our drinking over and done with fast. I don't get drunk (very often) when I go out, and especially if I want to dance, because it just makes me get tired earlier. So I had one bourbon and coke, and then later a tray of free margarita shots were passed around and I had one of those. They were delish and came in shot glasses that have a flashing light at the bottom of them, and no I am not kidding. I stole mine. I mean, it fell into my purse. As did my two friends' glasses (is a miracle of physics and chaos theory). They all kept blinking, in my purse! Astounding!

Then we danced crazily for hours and hours, and it was the best time I have had in a while. I am so glad to have some girlfriends who like dancing too, and don't take themselves too seriously to bust out some moves. I was hanging out with a friend's roommate for a while, and we were talking books and it was great, and then I said I was going to go join my friends and dance, and would he like to come? He was all, no, I'd feel too stupid.

Oh whatever. Nobody's going to spend their night watching and critiquing you. If they do, then they are a jackass. Get over yourself and get out there.

So, I left him discussing books with another guy and found my friends. He did eventually come and join us later, so I guess it was just that old "I need lots of drinks in me before I will look anything other than 'masculine' and 'in control' at all times" chestnut. Yes, I know that one well.

We were there pretty late, until around 2 I think. My one girl friend came home with me and slept on the sofa, as is our custom when we have big nights out. It's nice waking up and getting dressed with her, and then going out for coffee before she goes home. Is like having a short-term roommate.

Now I have spent a good deal of today sending out rejection emails and making rejection calls to people who have applied for a position with my company. My boss gave me free rein to handle all of them however I wanted, so I just emailed the people who we had no interest in and called the ones who got an interview but were then rejected. I hope that is personable/professional enough. I was unemployed and looking for a job for MONTHS after school ended, so I know how horrible it is to get impersonal emails (although it is worse to send your resume off and never hear one damn thing back), but I couldn't bring myself to call everyone. I hate calling people.

I need to leave soon for my first physical therapy session for my sad broken shoulder. Have a good evening everyone!