Nov 29, 2004

You know, Peter Cetera. From the band "Chicago?" Yeah.

Okay, so I read back over what I last wrote and realized that I am giving the impression that every conversation I ever have with anyone is related to sex. This is totally not the case! It's just that they make for the best stories. Although, I went to a party Saturday night that was basically a high school reunion, and one guy who I don't know very well had the audacity to eavesdrop on me all night and then finally ask me, in a very loud Outdoor Voice, why every conversation I have is related to sex.

To him I say, Hello! We are all friends from HIGH SCHOOL. At this point in our lives, what else do we have to talk about? Also, quit eavesdropping. And furthermore, that time when you were standing with us out on the balcony and we were saying how that one guy's hair looked like pubic hair? It was not me who initially made that comparison. I just, you know, went along with it. (Yes, I'm going to hell.)

So, yeah, I admit it. I talk like a sailor when I drink. Lock me up!

This party lasted a crazy-long time. Geologic eras actually came and went in the time this party went on. That apartment's walls must be made of steel, because we had the music on REALLY LOUDLY, and also we spent a lot of time out on the balcony, and a lot of bad drunken singing was done, and there were no complaints from the neighbors. (Maybe our singing was actually good!) We were Reliving Our Lives Through Music.

At one point there was a big group of us outside, and we were remembering, through song, the hits of Peter Cetera . The glory of love from "Karate Kid Part II" was sung, as was Next time I fall in love (which is a duet with Amy Grant) and After All (which is a duet with Cher). Then the boys got freaked out that they were actually transmogrifying into women as we stood there, so we sang "Cherry Pie" and "Pour Some Sugar on me."

When it got really late, we busted out the Weezer and Liz Phair CDs, which for most of us (the cool ones, ie. me) were the only things keeping us (keeping me) alive during high school. Lots of drunken and air-guitaring/drumming and singing (not only by me!) commenced. At one point I slurred, "Liz Phair was, like, the Bob Dylan of our generation, right?" and my friend Joaney said, "Totally, because she had a bad voice and, like, awesome lyrics." And we shared a wistful look and a moment of silence for our own rock star careers that, alas, never got off the ground.

Finally I went home, and I spent Sunday with the blinds drawn, doing laundry and vacuuming and watching Apocalypse Now to atone for my drunken singing sins. I am taking requests for my next karaoke appearance.