Nov 28, 2004

Snippets from Thanksgiving


1:00pm - Woo hoo hoo! I get out of work early!

1:05 - I call a friend who is still at work and gloat. Am a mean girl.

1:10 - Get on the metro to go home to my mom's.

2:30 - In the kitchen of mom's house in Gaithersburg. Oh god. She wants to start cooking already. Need wine.

2:35 - 4:00 - Make sweet potato casserole. Cut up green beans. Hmmm, the cornbread stuffing recipe she has calls for already-made cornbread.

4:01 - Um, we don't have any cornbread.

4:02 - On computer, searching for cornbread recipe.

4:04 - This one looks easy. Make cornbread.

4:05 - 4:14 - Really really easy. Probably won't be very good. Crap.

4:16 - Oh goody, Home for the Holidays is on! Love Holly Hunter and Robert Downey.

Later that evening, after lots of wine. Watching Waiting to Exhale...

Mom: Oh, this part is so romantic. This is that guy she falls in love with because he's such a good lover.

Me: [Dying a little inside] No he's not! Remember, this is that gross guy she tries to fall for because all the hot guys have been messing around with her, but in the end she's just not attracted to him!

Mom: No no no. This guy is a VERY good lover. In the bedroom.

Me: [Eww!!! And, what? Where else would he be a good lover? And also, no, you're wrong.] Ew, Mom. Let's just...not talk.


9:00 am - noon - Cook cook cook. Try cornbread. Is grody. Try sweet potatoes. Are great! Am one for two.

Noon - 2:00 - Clean windows and glass doors. Vacuum. Get dressed all pretty.

Afternoon - Flurry of activity. Aunt, uncle, cousins, the elderly.

Conversation with my aunt about my painting class:

Me: Yeah, so we're doing figures now.

Her: Naked...naked figures?

Me: Yup. A woman now, and a man last month.

Her: A man?!?? Can you see his, can you see, you know, his penis?

Me: ...

Me: Yes.

Her: Aaaaahhhh!!! Oh, no! Oh, that must be so embarassing.

Me: You mean, for him, or for us?

Her: For everyone! Everyone involved!

Me: Ha ha. Actually I like it a lot. And I think he gets paid pretty well for it. You know, it's pretty hard. I mean, it's hard work. Physically. You know. Ahem.

Her: Is it, um, flaccid?

Me: ...

Me: ...

Me: Yes.

Her: Wow, I wonder if that's, um, difficult? For him to maintain?

Me: You know, I wonder that too.

Her: Hmmm.

Me: Yeah, pretty wild, huh?

Her: Let's go get more drinks.

Me: Yay!

Later - Drink drink drink eat eat.

And then - Pie!!! pie pie pie! Love the pie.

And then and then - Clearing table, dishes, Tupperware, divvying up of leftovers, dishwasher, bagging the trash. Coats. Saying goodbye to all relatives.

Later still - Family is insane! Sweet Mary. Am worn out. Zzzzzz...sleepytime now. Go to sleep and dream of pie.